I travel a lot and if there is one thing I stick to, it's comfortable clothing.  Airline travel is schizophrenic at best.  Whatever you can do to alleviate any of the stress brought on by getting through security, racing to catch your connecting flights or surprise 8 hour delays, is money in the bank. 

travel uniform   
  • A loose fitting but polished blouse such as this one or this one.
  • A backpack is a lifesaver to keep those hands free for small children, your phone, and most importantly, your Starbucks!
  • Black, navy or printed trousers.  Ever had a child throw up on you? I have. #nuffsaid
  • It can be summer and I"m flying to the equator, I still will never ever step foot on an airplane without a large scarf or poncho.  Plane temperatures can go from Bikram yoga hot to meat locker freezing in a one hour flight (how is this even possible??).  Be prepared, and come dressed in layers!