Meet Mama Ashley Weller, Part I

Hands down one of the best perks of social media is meeting new people so we decided to highlight some of our favorite social media influencers with a new monthly series, Meet the Mama. Our first mama is the lovely Ashley Weller of @southernchicstyle.  We met years ago when she first reached out to collaborate and all these years later, we're still at it!  She posts daily about everything from food to fashion and I love that she's always positive and real which is a rarity in social media these days.  Plus she makes me laugh constantly!  I adore her and I know that you will too.  -kml 


1. Tell us a little (or a lot) about you and your family, where you call home and what you dofor work.

  • I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana but moved to and lived in Houston, Texas throughout my school years. I went to Baylor University and met my husband there! I have two children; Austin, who is twenty one and is a junior at University of Arkansas and I have a daughter Abby, who is a sophomore in High School! We have two dogs…Tucker and Jax that we adore. I teach Kindergarten through Sixth grade Gifted and Talented Kiddos. I have been teaching for twenty four years and still love it!

2. When did you first start on social media and what prompted you to do so?

  • I started on Social Media about six years ago before all of the ugly algorithms were implemented. I was prompted because I needed/wanted a creative outlet for myself. I had NO IDEA, it would grow into this!

3. What is your favorite thing about social media? Least favorite thing about social media?

  • My favorite thing about Social media is getting to know my followers and hearing their stories and answering questions! Also, I love to work with fun companies and constantly learn about new trends!I do not like the competition that some people create because I feel like it should be a group of people supporting each other and building each other up! Not too fond of all of the algorithms either. 

4. Tell us about a typical day in your life.

  • Oh, a typical day in my life is boring!! I am just like you! I get up, get ready for work, start my IV of coffee (LOL), work as a teacher from 7:35-4:00pm, maybe go to an influencer event or meet with a new store, go home, cook or pick up dinner, talk to my family, post on Instagram, watch tv from 8-10 and then take a shower and go to bed. 

5. How do you handle a full time job, family and social media obligations without losing your mind? 

  • Are you kidding?! I have lost my mind just trying to do all of this LOL!  I slow down when I start to feel overwhelmed and I also have my husband hide my phone from me! 

6. We are totally with you and despise the new Instagram algorithms (what up Instagram?!).  How did you manage to build your following despite them and do you have any tips or tricks for mamas just starting out? 

  • My biggest tips are: be yourself no matter what, get to know your followers, comment and like other peoples photos, reply back to people (they are taking their time to talk to you, so take your time to respond!).  Do not get discouraged, twenty followers are just as important as one hundred.  I just keep posting and I stay true to myself. 

7. Does your family participate and how do they feel about mom being in the spotlight? 

  • My husband now waits before he eats because he knows that photo is coming! He's also gotten really good at taking photos!! Gotta love that! All of my family has benefited from my "influencer life" so they can't say too much.  I honestly think my mom and my son are my biggest fans! 
8. Who are your style icons?
  • My style icons are probably Kate Beckinsale and Blake Lively because their style is both classic and elegant even when they are casual, everything they wear seems to be timeless and that is important to me to be able to wear things in my closet for several years.

9. Describe your day to day style:

  • My day to day style is very casual. I live in jeans and if I could wear ripped jeans to work, I would. I am my best self when I am comfortable!! Jeans, a t-shirt with a fun saying or a really cute top with tassels and either super comfy heels or flip flops.

    10. Are you a carry on only or checked luggage type of girl?

    • Checked luggage all the way! I pack way too much for just a carry-on!!! I always want to be prepared!


      Stay tuned for part two where we get the all the details on her favorite things!