Up, up and away

Flying is not for the faint of heart these days, but fortunately, like labor, once you reach the end point, it's as if amnesia takes over, and it's not long before you're planning your next destination.  We've corralled some our recent reads including some pretty great ideas for where to go, saving money on travel and how to get there with your sanity in check.
You have a point:  They're literally money in the bank, yet so many people don't know where to start when it comes to points and miles. Start here at this website, this man is literally the Jedi warrior of using points and miles.
The best of the worst: The best and worst airports in North America in 2018. Detroit..who knew?
Product junkie: Too glam to give a da..HOLD it right there missy..  If it doesn't go into the quart sized bag it won't be going into your carry on.  This site has every product under the sun and they're all miniature. 
Where oh where: So many places, so little funds.  Here is a great list of wallet friendly trips for 2019.
Only the best: The list that  dreams are made of. 

  • Kid friendly spas: Yes. It's a thing.  A wonderful, glorious thing because no one ever has a plan for a rainy day on vacation.
  • What to wear in the air:  Pajamas are not an option.  Here's a cute outfit that will keep you comfortable and chic.