Weekend to do list: Farmers Market inspiration

Totally ready to welcome summer here in New England and this weekend we are taking our cue from farmers markets. Cheers to the weekend! 

  • -Rose´all day except once in while we like to mix things up and Dark and Stormy's are our summer drink of choice.  Make sure you use real ginger beer and lots of fresh lime.  Choice of rum is up to you but we like this one
  • -Use this link to find your local farmers market and make sure to arrive early before all the good stuff (read: beautiful bouquets and summer fruits) sell out.  You'll need to bring your own bag, how about this one
  • -Flower shows are great but flower shows at mansions are amazing! Plus.. Martha! For more info on the Newport flower show go hereHere's a great dress to wear there! 
  • -We adore fun statement jewelry in the summer with all of the sun dresses we love to wear. Lots of options here 


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