Weekend to-dos: Shark week edition

*cue the Jaws theme music


-Making your own sushi gets easier the more you do it.  Try hand rolls for an easier intro to make-your-own-sushi.  And if handling raw fish isn't your thing here's a link to a veggie version

-Did you know that Jaws was filmed across the bay from us, on Martha's Vineyard? Here's a great location tour if you're ever on the island.   

-Carving a shark out of a watermelon sounds like it should require serious knife skills and maybe a ninja, but I can assure you that after making one yearly for every school "luau", all it takes is a sharp knife and imagination.  Here's a super easy tutorial. 

-Fish print tee shirts or napkins are something we've been doing since my girls were little.  It's a little messy but something you can do outside and easy enough for little kids to take part in.  Check out this tutorial from  Queen Martha.

*photo taken about ten years ago of Payton in her fish print tee shirt

-I love a good aquarium and we think that Mystic, CT has one of the best! I heard this piece on NPR and think that it's a great alternative if watching divers feed turtles isn't really your think.  


Happy weekend!